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    Tree demographic, tree biomass and shrub count data for two Ausplots adjacent to Credo Flux tower (Salmon Gum, SG100E and Gimlet, Gim100W). Floristic survey data and 1000 points of cover. Tree demographics was measured using a tape at 130cm for diameter and 2 different laser height finders. These gave consistently different measures and both are presented. Plot biomass was calculated from allometric regression published by Jonson and Freudenberger (2011). All shrubs with mature heights of over 0.5m were measured in ten, 10m wide by 100m transects to ensure all shrubs in the one hectare plots were counted. Floristic survey was undertaken and 1000 point intercepts recorded along 10 lines (5 north-south, 5 east-west with one point per meter) for SG100W according to Ausplots methodology (Foulkes et al., 2011)