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    <p>Images are taken at sites across Australia by the TERN Ecosystem Surveillance team, using standardised AusPlots methodologies.<p /> <p> High-quality digital images are captured using a digital SLR camera at each rangeland vegetation plot. Three photopoints are established configured in an equilateral triangle (2.5m sides) with the centre marked with a star dropper at the centre of the plot, and the three photopoints recorded with GNSS/DGPS. At each photopoint a 360° panorama photographic sequence is taken, with up to 40 photographs with a minimum 50% overlap between consecutive photographs. The panoramic photopoint method may be most informative in open forests/woodlands and rangelands. <p /> <p>See <a href=""> AusPlots Rangelands Photo-panoramas</a> for more information on this method.<p />