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    <p>This dataset shows the crops grown in Queensland's main cropping areas, for the winter and summer growing-seasons, from 1988 to the current year. The winter growing-season is defined as June to October, and the summer growing-season is November to May. The basis of the maps is imagery from the (when available) Landsat-5 TM, Landsat-7 ETM+, Landsat-(8,9) OLI, and Sentinel-2(A,B) satellites; MODIS MOD13Q1 imagery was used as a backup in the case of large, temporal data gaps. Clusters of temporally similar pixels, termed 'segments', were identified in the imagery for each growing season, and served as an approximation of field boundaries. Per-segment phenological information, derived from the satellite imagery, was then combined with a tiered, tree-based statistical classifier, using >10000 field observations as training data, and >4000 independent observations for validation. The dataset supersedes a former crop-mapping effort <a href ="">(Schmidt et al., 2016)</a>.</p> <p>Each season has 2 maps: an end-of-season prediction and a mid-season prediction. The mid-season prediction is labelled "_vInterim" to indicate that it is based on a relatively short time series, and should be used with caution.</p> <p>For optimum display symbology files have been provided for both QGIS and ArcGIS.</p>