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    The dataset catalogue information about research or management projects that have used remote devices to record behavioural, physiological or environmental data from free-ranging animals. The purpose of this dataset is to act as a conduit by which animal telemetry data, ideas, analysis and statistical tools may be shared between interested parties throughout Australasia. The animal telemetry projects collated in this dataset have been collated from peer-reviewed scientific papers published between 2000 and 2013. This represents the first-step in the creation of an Australasian focused database for animal telemetry research and management projects. If you have undertaken a telemetry project and it is not listed here, whether the study findings have been published or not, then please send details about the study to the dataset contact person. If applicable, the details will be incorporated. These data were compiled as part of the ACEAS working group project titled "Advancing the application of animal telemetry data in ecosystem management".