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    This dataset is modelled national pasture productivity. It describes the dynamics in grassland/pasture Gross Primary Production (GPP), Net Primary Production (NPP) and Carbon mass. GPP indicates total rate of carbon fixed through photosynthesis, in units gC/m2/day. It is the GPP of grasses only and so describes the production of grasslands and pastures. GPP is estimated separately for C3 and for C3 grasses using the Diffuse model (Donohue et al. 2014, see publication links). NPP is the net rate of carbon fixed through photosynthesis (GPP minus plant respiration) for grasses, in units of gC/m2/day. Grass carbon mass is the above-ground mass of grasslands and pastures, estimated using the CSP model. These are estimated using the unpublished CSP model (v2) for both live and senesced mass in units t/ha. Biomass is typically approximated as double the carbon mass. Inputs include MODIS MOD13Q1, minimum and maximum air temperature, elevation data and rainfall as described in the lineage section.