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    <p>Digital Hemispherical Photography (DHP) images are collected twice per year to capture vegetation and crown cover at Robson Creek Rainforest SuperSite. Images are taken at the end of the wet season and the end of the dry season and the dates will differ each year. These images are used to estimate maximum (wet season) and minimum (dry season) Leaf area index (LAI) for the rainforest biome. </p><p> The 25 hectare site was established in 2009 and lies on the Atherton Tablelands in the wet tropical rainforests of Australia at 680-740 m elevation. It is situated in Danbulla National Park within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The forest is classified as Regional Ecosystem (RE) 7.3.36a, complex mesophyll vine forest (Queensland Government 2006). The climate is seasonal with approximately 60% of rain falling between January and March and the landform is moderately inclined with a low relief. There are 208 species in the site, and average canopy height is 28 m, ranging from 23 to 44 m. All stems ≥ 10 cm diameter are measured, tagged and mapped. For additional site information, see </p><p> Other bioimages collected at the site include photopoints, phenocam images taken from fixed under and overstorey cameras and ancillary images of fauna and flora. </p>