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    <br>The Brigalow Catchment Study (BCS) in the brigalow (<em>Acacia harpophylla</em>) bioregion of central Queensland, commenced in 1965 with a pre-clearing calibration phase of 17 years to define the hydrology of 3 adjoining catchments (12-17&nbsp;ha). Following clearing of 2 catchments in 1982, 3 land uses, brigalow forest, cropping, and grazed pasture, were established and monitored for water balance, resource condition and productivity. This trial has provided data and scientific understanding on the interaction of climate, soils, water, land use and management for resource condition across the three major land uses. Soil samples from the trial site have been used in calibration of the Roth C model for use in estimating Australia’s national greenhouse gas inventory.</br>